Thursday, 4 September 2014

Marae visit

Te Tahawai marae

On Monday 18th of August 2014, years 5, 6, 7 & 8 from Christ The King Catholic School went to Te Tahawai marae. We had to be at school by 8.40am and we got on the bus at 8.50am, we went on a double decker bus. When we got there we walked to the front entrance, the powhiri (a Maori welcome) started, a lady did a karanga (call). Then we walked up the stairs to the porch and took off our shoes, the maori tradition, it is rude to step foot in the marae with shoes or hats.

After that, we went inside the marae and Bronson did a thank you speech. Three of the year 7 and 8 girls did a karanga, then the ladies of the marae made connections with them. Later we sang songs, washed our hands and had kai (food). After that, we had activities. We split into two groups. Group one was drawings first, we got a picture of a legend. We had to draw the carvings on it. There were carvings of a legend for each city in New Zealand. The next activity we did poi, we did a simple dance with the poi and song. Then we thank them and said good bye, we put on our shoes and hopped in the bus. As we were in the bus we sang songs all the way to school, when we got to school it was 12.00 so we had lunch early. I think Tahawai marae is the best marae in New Zealand and I recommend it to all ages, female and male to visit this marae.



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