Friday, 29 August 2014

Finding China

Finding China

I have been travelling in China, and I have notice some amazing things. My mum is Chinese and did you know China is a very populated country there are 13 million people in Shanghai. In China there are no doors in toilets, no sets on toilets and there are no curtains in showers. In China there is a strict rule, one child per family but my mum has three sisters and one brother because they were born before the rule was made. In Shanghai, often both of their parents work that’s why most kids are boarded in the school.

In winter it is very cold, the temperature dropped below zero. In China school start’s at 7.00 and ended at 5.00 and kids have one hour to do homework, Chinese kids work a lot harder than other children. Each day they had to do a hundred push ups then a hundred sit-ups and run around the track fifty times.

In china people eat steamed buns, vegetables, meat, egg, duck, prawns, pork, soup, gravy, rice, sometimes hot  chocolate and every day an orange and a banana.
I think China is beautiful and the most hard working place, if you have a chance to go to China you should definitely go!

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  1. Hello Mikayla.
    I'm Fariha from PCS. China is a really beautiful country. Can you please tell me why they have to have 1 child per family? And what if they have 2 children?

  2. Hey Mikayla,
    I'm Biqi from Papakura Central School and I'm Chinese. I came to New Zealand when I was 3. And I have one big sister and I don't understand why Chinese people have to have 1 child per family, maybe thats why I came to New Zealand. Do you like steamed buns.