Thursday, 25 September 2014


Computers, computers are amazing things because they are used as a tool for teaching and learning and as well in business. They help children to learn and most adults use it to do work.

They very important nowadays because if we lose computers millions of people can lose their jobs or it will be harder for them to work. My mum is an accountant that means she looks at how much money the company gets from what they sell.
Google and Google chrome is the most popular website in the world. On computers you can communicate on twitter, facebook, email and gmail, you can even watch videos, research and shop online.      

Sometimes computers are not so great, because you need to know to be cybersmart to prevent online bulling. To stay safe on internet you need to be vigilant and go on safe websites. You need your parents guidance and support.

If you go on computer for a long time it hurts your eyes and will also give  you a headache. Many people use this tool in many jobs for long use. They should rest their eyes and do exercise to prevent damaging their eyes and getting headaches.

I think computers are great tools and makes life more fun and easier. Think of this, if we all use computers we can save tonnes of thousands trees we use for paper and keep our natural resources safe.  I think everyone should have one and don’t forget to be cybersmart.

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