Thursday, 11 September 2014

Moment in time boys building sandcastle

Boys building sandcastle
One hot sunny day, I went to the beach and I see two boys building sandcastles. They have buckets and spades and they’re almost finished, “I think we need one more castle to complete the sandcastle kingdom’”. They hold their buckets and spades in the air as they say “we’re finished, yea!”  

The sun is so strong that the light goes through the thick, fluffy, white clouds reflecting on the warm, salty sea and burning the sand into ashes. The clouds are as fluffy and luscious as meringues, the sand is as soft as a babies bottom. The small currents of the waves are calming and quiet, and the seagulls chirp in the background.

I  see the families on the hot sand, as their feet burn they quickly dive into the currents of the sea to cool off.


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  1. good to see you working hard and enjoying school