Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

I looked up the wall of doom. Frightened. Sick to my stomach. Strapped in, I reluctantly walked up to the wall. My hands dripped of sweat. I trembled. Mum and Dad, proudly cheered me on. Clutching the plastic peculiar shaped rocks, I placed my foot on the lowest stone. Motionless and stiff. 10 centimeters never looked so obscure. I reached for the next rock, slowly I clambered to the pinnacle of Mount Everest. I proudly waved to my family. The drop was daunting. There's only one way down. I jumped down, closed my eyes, hoping I'll survive. Next thing I noticed I’m lying on my back. My family crowded around me and celebrated my achievement and bravery.

I have created a recount about my first experience rock climbing.

By Mikayla

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