Monday, 7 December 2015

Evaluation for the year’s work

Evaluation for the year’s work—view and look at Term 1, 2, 3, 4 work in Reading, Inquiry (Science.Social studies, Health and Technology)

What did I learn? I learnt how to make a secure and stable bridge. I also learnt the difference between an opinion and a fact.  

Why were you learning it? It will help me in the future.   

How is that learning going to help you? When I go to college and university I might have to do a project like this or I might what to pursue this as a job.  

What am I pleased about? I am pleased about that I learnt a lot this year.

Who helped you in your learning? My teacher, my mom and dad helped me in my learning.

What do I need help with? I need help with my spelling.

What do I want to learn next time? I want to learn other curriculum activities such as music and dance.

With digital learning-

What are the interesting things you have learned in digital learning? The interesting things I have learnt are how to use different applications.

How is that going to help you in your further learning? I will know how to use apps in presenting work and researches I do. when I am in college I can apply all the things I have learnt.

What are the things I think I need to learn more in digital learning? How to post slides and padlets.

What do I want to learn next time? I want to learn about music and play an instrument, and learn different languages.

By Mikayla


  1. Hi Mikayla!
    This is an awesome evaluation! I like the way you explained what you need to learn more about and what you are keen to learn next time. Well done and keep it up!
    From: Liezl