Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Digital Citizen

 Digital Citizen

What is Digital Citizen?  
A digital citizen is a pupil who is part of the online society. They are social on social medias and uses google and other apps regularly. .

 How can we be a good Digital Citizen?
 Being a good citizen is not as hard as you think here are some of the ways to be a good citizen. Be social in the digital world by commenting, posting, etc.  Do the right things by follow rules and not copying other people's work. Be a trustworthy friend who people can count on, by never lie about you age, name, height etc. Another way to be a good Digital citizen is, you have to respect the rights of others by letting them have privacy.  A good citizen knows how to be cyber safe and knows how to use symbols, language and text of digital technologies. A digital citizen uses ICT to collaborate with others in a kind and meaningful way. A digital citizen is confident and familiar with ICT. A digital citizen uses technology as a tool to help enhance learning to its fullest. Always lock important information otherwise hackers can track where you live, your password
you down.

Health and Wellness
There are lots of health risks when using a computer. If you're on the computer for too long your eyes can start to hurt and you can have loss of sight. To prevent that have a break from the computer for an hour, after each hour. Don't sit on the floor, it can hurt your back.

Digital Law
Digital law is the rules on the internet. One part of Digital Law is cyber safety. Cyber Safety is the safe of use of technology. Digital law relates to stealing  other people's work or causing damage.


By Mikayla and Caitlyn

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