Friday, 18 September 2015

Rugby World Cup Flag Study

Rugby World Cup Flag Study
Q1: How many flags are there altogether?
A1: 20 flags
Q2: How many have blue on them?
A1:  12 flags
Q3: How many have red on them?
A3: 16 flags
Q4: How many have orange on them?
A4: 1 flag
Q5: How many have white on them?
A5: 18 flags
Q6: How many have black on them?
A6: 1 flag
Q7: How many have yellow on them?
A7: 5 flags
Q8: How many flags have a union jack on them?
A8: 3 flags
Q9: How many flags have symbols on them?
A9: 20 flags
Q10: How many flags have strips?
A10: 13 flags
Q11: How many flags have more than 3 colours on them?
A11: 2 flags
Q12: How many flags have less than 3 colours on them?
A12: 6 flags
Q13: How many flags have a circle on them?
A13: 3 flags
Q14: How many flags have only 1 colour on them?
A14: 0 flags
Q15: How many flags have stars on them?
A15: 4 flags
Q16: How many stars are on the New Zealand flag?
A16: 4 stars
Q17: How many stars are there on the Australian Flag?
A17: 6 stars
Screenshot 2015-09-18 at 12.47.47 PM.pngQ18: How many stars are on the USA flag?
A18: 54 stars
Q19: How many flags have a cross on them?
A19: 5 flags
Q20: Which is you favorite flag and why?
A20: My favorite flag is South Africa because I like that it has lots of colours and I like the stripes.   
Please comment down below, What's your favorite flag in the Rugby World cup, I would love to hear your thoughts.

By Mikayla


  1. Great Rugby World Cup flag study Mikayla! I love how you wrote your questions and answers. Keep up the amazing work Mikayla:)