Thursday, 23 October 2014

Our own story

Losey gets lost
Characters:Losey, David, Nancy
Setting:Friendly Neighbourhood
Once there was a Dog called Losey, and a man called David, they were best friends. They lived in a friendly neighbourhood, with one of Davids close neighbours, Nancy.

One day, David woke up to feed Losey but when he went to the backyard he released Losey was gone, so he knocked on Nancy front door and said “Have you seen Losey?” “Sorry I haven’t” Nancy replied.

So David went home, got on his computer and started printing out flyers about Loseys weight, height and the type of breed.

When he made 30-40 flyers, he started knocking on his neighbours door and handing them out, one by one he handed them around the neighbourhood.

When he finished handing out the flyers, he went home and looked at all the pictures of Losey. He thought of memories he had with Losey.    

The Next day, David heard a knock on the door one of his neighbours said” Is this your dog?” “Yes! Yes!” said David “Well here you go” said his neighbour.

Later that day, David thought of having a welcome home party for Losey since she was gone for quite a long time.

So David invited Nancy to come over for Loseys welcome home party, David bought a pizza, Nancy bought a bottle of soda and they all had a great time chatting and playing fetch with Losey.

By:Mikayla & Hannah

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