Tuesday, 22 August 2017

What makes a good teacher?

What makes a good teacher?
A good teacher has many qualities, attributes and skills that help and motivate students to be learners for life. A good teacher has intellectual, physical and caring attributes.

A good teacher needs to know skills to teach the students. They have to know how to socialize with the students and how to do maths, reading and writing.

Teachers need the intellectual qualities to teach students and they have to have supportive attributes. It includes caring for you when you're hurt, showing loyalty and being respectful. You have be an example for the people of the future, encourage students to be the best they can is very important. Patience and determined is the formula for modeling how to succeed to your full potential. Teachers explain topics in different ways and builds on students ideas and experiences.
Physical attributes are needed because they have to show that exercise is important. It is important to eat a healthy diet and exercise at least one hour a day. They need to have fun and play with the children.

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