Monday, 4 July 2016

Kate Shepard Writing

Kate Shepard Writing
My friend Catherine and I met at the community center in Darfield, Christchurch. She moved in with her family a month ago from Liverpool, Lancashire. My friends and I had a late welcoming party for her and her family. At the party we talked about if we wanted to change our name,
“If I do get famous I want to shorten my name to maybe Kate“ asserted Catherine.
“Yes, that fits you,” I added.

Early the next year Catherine's fiance, Walter Sheppard (a Christchurch businessman who worked for the city council) proposed. Later that year I got a letter in the post from Catharine. It was an invitation to their wedding. I was excited. I quickly jumped up and went to my closet to find the perfect outfit and accessories for the wedding- something formal and elegant.

My friends and I went to the wedding later that month and had a blast. It was set at the local church, with pascal coloured ribbons gently hanging on the white brick walls. As I walked up to the food the cake caught my eye. I adored the cake design. It was ocean blue with a touch of coral pink.. As I sunk my teeth into the creamy, decadent, rich, velvety french vanilla ice cream cake, I thought to myself, this is the best cake I have ever eaten. Catherine was dressed in a white, long, fluffy, silk, lace dress. Everyone was dressed in lovely garments. Ladies wore wonderful pascal coloured, silk, lace dresses and tall floral high heels. Men wore black leather tuxedos, alabaster undershirts, black formal pants and formal dress shoes. After the party we stayed around to take photos with Catherine and her family. Then we went to a seafood restaurant to chat. I had a perfectly grilled lobster with a side of melted butter and a lemon wedge. Catherine had fresh oysters topped with aromatic herbs and a squirt of lime juice. After we enjoyed our meal, we headed on our way home. In 1880, Catherine and Walter had a gorgeous son named Douglas and sadly at the age of 30 Douglas passed away.


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