Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A tour like no other

A tour like no other
Who are the Springboks?
The springboks are the South African rugby team
Why was the Springbok tour like no other? It was a tour like no other because there was many protest against the apartheid law in South Africa. This created cause.  
What side would you have taken and why? I would have taken to stay at home because there is a chance you could end up in jail for along time. And I did not care about rugby.  
What was the purpose of apartheid? The purpose of the apartheid it was to keep people from different races apart
Do you think sport should be influenced by politics? why/why not? I think sport should be influenced by policies. Such as the president the nation chose them to be advocate of the nation.
What did the protesters do? The protesters fought for the apartheid to stop.
What were the protesters outside the Hamilton Rugby park advised to do? Why? They were advertised to remove anti tour badges because John Minto wanted the tour to be scrapped.   
What did the tour make clear to New Zealanders? It made clear that nothing but trouble would come of the tour.
What is race relations? Race relations are relations between different cultures.
Do you think we have positive race relations now? Why? Yes, we should have positive race relations because everyone is different a we should we should accept them.


By Mikayla

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