Thursday, 28 May 2015

Universities Ban Smart Watches

Universities Ban Smart Watches

The article is about universities has ban watches because some smart watches have internet access, that means they have a higher chance to cheat in exams. In an attempt to decrease the chance of cheating, smart watches are banned during exams. Although Massey University already planned to ban smart watches, the students will still cheat by writing on there hands, legs and writing on small pieces of paper and cramming it into the bullet point of a ball pen. This event took place in Massey university. Massey university is located  
in three places, Palmerston North NZ, Albany NZ and Wellington NZ. According to the wikipedia from 2008 Annual report, there are 112 doctor compleatshions, 3384 Maori students, and 895 pasifika student. This event happened early 2015, I think in the future all schools and universities will be allowed to bring any device. The smartwatch is very popular and students are starting to bring them to school. Student that want to cheat will go to all ends to make it possible.
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By Mikayla    

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