Thursday, 23 April 2015

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden
Mum said “time to get out of bed”

On Friday the 23rd of February 2015, we hopped on a double Decker bus to go to Botanical Garden. It was a long trip. I sat next to the window. I had  great view from where I sat.

When we got off the bus all I wanted to do was to stretch. We walked to the courtyard and we had morning tea.

At the children's garden, we listened to a story, the story was called the magic moment. We had to get a plastic mat, we chose a place and sat down to listen to the forest. It was noisy. We also got to identify plants, the teacher gave us cards that had names of the plants and we sorted them out.

After that we gathered seeds. We looked inside the seed to see if they were good for planting, yellow is good and brown is bad.

Next we went to the garden center. We had three choices seed, pricking or cutting (harakeke). I chose cutting, we went to this place where there are harakeke. We cut a bit and put the end in the mixture that is made out of honey and water. We put the end in the yogurt containers and soil then pressed it down to make it secure.

Then we had lunch at the courtyard. After lunch we went on a bush walk, it was lots of fun! After that we had to go back to school, it was so disappointing.

By: Mikayla        


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